Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 7: Akihabara

Quick posts today. We've got to check out of our hotel soon and go to Nikko for a couple days (don't know if we'll have net access there...).

We were on our own today, so we tried to go to the Imperial Palace and Gardens in Tokyo. Unfortunately, we didn't know that the gardens are closed on Fridays (who closes on a Friday?) so we'll have to go back next week. Still, the outside was pretty.

After that, we went to another little park to figure out our plans for the rest of the day.

Finally, we decided to check out the Akihabara neighborhood to see the Electric City area which has shops selling all kinds of electronics. It turns out that this neighborhood is also known for anime and maid cafes. So as you're walking around the area there are girls dressed in maid outfits advertising for their cafes. For whatever reason, they also pretty much all wear cat ears. The place had a pretty wierd vibe to it, but we did find some really cool stores.

There were a bunch of little stores like this selling every imaginable electronic component. If you really want to build a computer from the capacitors up, this would be the place to do it:

Michelle with one of the maid cafe girls:

Star wars stuff:

Final Fantasy toys:

A giant camera store:

The Windows 7 burger, which I'm told is only in Japan:

Later that day, Chun-Fang's flight arrived so we met her for dinner. We ended up in a really cool place, but I couldn't manage to get a good picture. The restaurant was all booths with translucent walls and curtains that they closed once you got in, which gave you some privacy but didn't totally cut you off from the restaurant. It was really nice.

Wagyu beef. Yumm:

One of the walls surrounding our booth:

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