Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 8: Weddin' day!

Another quick post since we have to check out in a few minutes.

Yesterday was AJ and Ai-chan's (third) wedding. The Japanese wedding is broken up into three parts. For each part, Ai-chan wore a different outfit. Two different kimonos for the first two and a more western style wedding dress for the final party. First, there was a ceremony at a shinto shrine. This was really beautiful, though we couldn't really understand what was being said.

The pictures don't do this kimono justice. You can kind of see some of the details in this picture, but in person they were much more visible:

Ai-chan's family:

Rice hung to dry. I'd never seen this before:

Everyone gathering after the ceremony:

After the ceremony, we were taken by taxis to the reception dinner. The reception is only for family and close friends so it had a nice intimate atmosphere. We had a great meal and they went around and introduced everyone and asked people for stories about AJ and Ai-chan.

Downstairs from the reception. The studio wanted to film the big fight scene in Kill Bill in this place but the restaurant couldn't rent it to them for a whole month. So the set in the movie was built to approximate the restaurant:

After the reception it was on to the next event, called the nijikai (basically, the second party). Family isn't invited to this party. It's for the couple's extended circle of friends. They rented out a bar for this and it was packed wall to wall with their friends. There were a whole series of events and games. It was a great time.

Pouring a champaign tower:

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