Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 14: Noma dojo

Today was my second chance to visit Noma dojo. The second day was definitely better since I knew the routine and had met a few people the day before. Also, even people I hadn't met seemed to recognize me and were more willing to interact and give me advice.

This visit was also special because I got to meet Umemura Sensei and talk to Tomokawa Sensei. Tomokawa Sensei is the 8-dan head instructor of Noma dojo who has travelled to Tacoma to give a kendo seminar the past two years in a row. Umemura Sensei visited Obukan some years ago (before my time) and he is the one who donated the trophy that our club gives out every year at our tournament. When I told Stroud Sensei I would be visiting Noma dojo, he put me in contact with Umemura Sensei which I really appreciate. Umemura Sensei was very kind to me during practice and took me out for breakfast afterwards which was a real treat.

This was our last full day in Tokyo, so in the afternoon we pretty much just ran around picking up souvenirs. Just got a couple quick pics of the Tokyo Dome, a rollercoaster that goes right through a building, and a small shrine we walked past.

For dinner, we got ramen since it's quick and easy to order. Though it's worth mentioning that ramen here is a totally different affair than the dried noodles and salt packets that we're used to in the states. Restaurants actually make their own noodles and broth using vegetables and meat. We've had ramen a few times here and it's really delicious.

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