Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 17: Joge

Travel day today. Took the shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka and then from Osaka to Fukuyama.

At the station, Tsuchida Sensei was there waiting for me along with a couple surprise guests. Urabe Sensei and his wife live in Fukuyama and they came to say hello and give me a couple iaido and kendo DVDs.

From there, Tsuchida Sensei drove me to his ryokan in Joge. He took me to my room, which is rediculously nice. It's two rooms, in fact, bigger than any of the places we've stayed at in Japan.

After dropping my things off in the room, Tsuchida Sensei took me to a nearby onsen which was really nice. After the onsen, we came back for dinner. At this point, I met Tsuchida Sensei's son and daughter-in-law who are the chef and waitress. From what I gather, the three of them run this place by themselves.

We were served a delicious meal with sashimi, tempura, and sukiyaki. Since we weren't able to speak to each other very well, Tsuchida Sensei got on the phone and invited one of his friends over to join us. His friend speaks some English so this let us communicate. It turns out that his friend is also a kendo sensei. In fact, he's the head instructor of the dojo in Joge under Tsuchida Sensei's guidance.

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