Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 22: Back to Tokyo

On the way down the hill from Akahoshi Sensei's temple today, we took a video of the amazingly narrow, steep road. My video skills don't quite do it justice, but you can get the idea.

Took the shinkansen back to Tokyo today. Once again, Urabe Sensei and his wife were kind enough to come meet us at the station and once again they gave me a gift. They even bought tickets so they could go through the turnstile and walk me onto my train. Really looking forward to seeing them again next summer.

With Urabe Sensei and Akahoshi Sensei at Fukuyama Station:

With Mrs. Urabe:

The view of Fukuyama Castle from the station:

The train ride back was pretty uneventful, though at once stop an entire class of Japanese high school students got on the train escorted by their teachers. They were well-behaved, though, and pretty quiet.

Picked up the kendo equipment I dropped off in Tokyo a couple weeks ago. Repaired and good as new. Now all that's left is to pack and head to the airport tomorrow.

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